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The heart of the drifter and the spirit of the explorer — if you’re a girl who isn’t content to stay still for long, then we have the board for you. Designed with a tip and tail rocker that makes the board easy to ride, a triple radius edge for better grip and some set back for a nice float on powder days, the « Valhalla » is built to flow from backcountry powder to the snowpark, while conquering every side hit along the way.





all lady performance

Woman specific board, for those who actively ride and are not here just to make their tan better.

To make it special, “all-in-one” board, we combined three specific features such as twin tip rocker to make it playfull; a triple radius is featured for a better grip edge and carving.

Last but not least is a slight set-back and a progressive nose for more float on powder days.

“The heart of the drifter and the spirit of the explorer”

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