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Τιμή: 369 €

Park and Rail Slayer The OPTION Influence is the option team’s jib stick of choice. This snowboard is softer in flex for easier Ollies, buttery Nose Presses and Five-Os. The Influence is Option s freestyle board for riders who are passionate about becoming a freestyle ruler. The directional twin shape and the sturdy sidewall construction allows the rider to learn tricks at an alarming rate. The Influence is perfect for groomed parks around the world. Keep it real with the Option Influence. Boot Size- Men’s U.S. 7.5-11

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Other Features

Freestyle Core Profile- Deep V profiling allows greater mid-flex between the greater mid-flex between the bindings. This promotes control and agility for the park, pipe, and the urban technician.

Graphic Lowdown- The 05/06 Influence board graphic, was created in tandem between artists Pat and Stef Thompson. Taking a haphazard approach to image making, they used loose free form drips and blurs to form and sculpt an anamorphic and organic universe. Each board was made of 3 separate canvases, making it easier to work on the paintings while traveling. One canvas went on vacation, one went to the park, and one went to bed.

Formula Wood Core-A tip to tail blend of lightweight, durable wood laminations. This core has proven to be strong, reliable, durable and provides a perfect ride for all abilities. Biax Laminate- A dual direction, dual layer, stitched fiberglass laminate provides a fun and forgiving ride for all abilities.

Extruded 1500 Base- High performance extruded Polythylene provides a smooth glide and easy maintenance.

ABS Sidewall- A premium-grade plastic material selected for its high impact resistance. ABS is a proven material that has helped to build the reputation of durability found in all Option Snowboards Factory Tuned


  • Effective Edge (mm):1135mm (143cm), 1160mm (148cm)
  • Terrain:Freestyle
  • Ability Level:Intermediate-Advanced
  • Core/Laminates:Wood

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