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West  Limon  Snowboard  -  Used  155
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West  Limon  Snowboard  -  Used  155West  Limon  Snowboard  -  Used  155West  Limon  Snowboard  -  Used  155
Τιμή: 315 €


“Plata o plomo, Limòn?”

Such as Pablo Escobar would make his way of getting into the discussion, the limòn would also introduced itself as your best board if you like Metals.

This is our Park model, coming with a flat camber and an ultra resistant base for your jibbing sessions. Shock absorbers along the edge will provide even smoother style on the rails.


  • Extruded Base
  • Shock absorbers along edges, meaning smoother on rails, it's mint.
  • Flat Camber
  • True Twin
  • Flex - 5/10

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