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Jobe Cable Bridle Stainless Hooks 8ft 1P
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Τιμή: 46 €

Jobe Cable Bridle Stainless Hooks 8ft 1P

A 8 ft long rope bridal with stainless steels hooks that can carry up to 1170 lbs. With a cable which keeps the rope away from the propellor. Suitable for people who want to have fun on the water. Mainline: 8ft, Sections: 1, LBS: 1170, KG: 531, Stainless Hooks, Persons: 1.


- 1 section to adjust the length of the rope
- Our stainless steel hooks are designed to stay rust free and avoid corrosion from saltwater.
- This bridle is designed to be used by 1 person.
- Breakstrength ropes 1170 lbs/530 kg

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