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Head  Motorhead  Rock  N  Roll  Skis
Τιμή: 679 €
PRODUCT DETAILS   Head Rock N Roll Skis : Any all-mountain, powder-seeking skier who doesn’t want to haul his whole quiver around the mountain needs the Head Rock...
Armada  ARV  89  Skis
Τιμή: 579 €
PRODUCT  DETAILS The ArmadaARV 89 Skis are an all-mountain freestyle ride with impeccable park manners. A solid ash and poplar core gives the ski...
Head  I.  Peak  74  Skis
Τιμή: 349 €
PRODUCT  DETAILS   Head i.Peak 74 Skis + Power 11 Bindings 2017: Love the groom but like to keep your options open for when...
Head  Big  Heir  Skis
Τιμή: 349 €
PRODUCT  DETAILS  Description: Head Big Heir Skis  If you plan to be King someday, then start ruling the world with the Head Big Heir...
Head  Supershape  Team  Skis
Τιμή: 239 €
PRODUCT  DETAILS Rocker Type Junior Rocker – Junior Rocker simply works for anyone, anywhere. This shape has 20% rocker and 80% camber so that kids get tons...
Head  V-Shape  V4  LYT  Skis
Τιμή: 499 €
PRODUCT  DETAILS The Head V-Shape V4 is a great ski for the athletic beginner to solid intermediate skier who wants a lightweight...
Head  I.  XRC  1200  Liquidmetal  Skis
Τιμή: 449 €
PRODUCT  DETAILS Style: XRC 1200 - RFD 12 The I.XRC 1200 SW is the original Skicross Team Edition in World cup Sandwich Construction. This ski...
Head  Shape  RX  R  Skis  163
Τιμή: 269 €
FACTS LENGTHS: 142/149/156/163/170/177 RADIUS: 12,8 @ Length 170 SIDECUT: 123 / 70 / 106 @ Length 170 FEATURES   ERA 2.0 Early rise Composite Radius Construction SnakeSkin Surface Synthetic core construction Black UHM C...
Head  Light  Joy  Skis  158
Τιμή: 399 €
Description The head Light Joy: a fun and easy ski Attentive to the needs of women skiers who want to progress with confidence,...
Head  Pure  Joy  Skis  153
Τιμή: 399 €
Like a cloak you can don that gives you magical powers, the Head Pure Joy Skis + Joy 9 GW SLR Bindings are designed...
Head  Kore  99  Skis  171
Τιμή: 749 €
Light enough to serve as a touring ski but powerful enough to rip the descent the way you'd normally ski on...

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