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Ronix District Wakeboard 138
Κλίκ για μεγέθυνση
Τιμή: 439 €

Product Details

Rocker Type

Versatile Rocker Line  Depending on how a rider edges into the wake, it will feel like a continuous board with easy transitions and soft landings or a 3 stage rocker board with more upright pop. The rails are continuous, while the middle of the base is more of a 3-stage design, allowing for added speed when coming at the wake at an angle, while the 3-stage base allows for added pop when coming straight at the wake.


2 Traction Channels in the Middle  Help with acceleration through a turn and push the rider into the wake

4 Traction Channels In the Tip and Tail  Create a more stable feel on landings

4 flutes in the tip and tail aid the traction of the fins with a cleaner lift and less pressure on air tricks in the cable park.


Sharper center rail creates a quicker edge transfer that is more reliable in choppier water conditions. The rail blends to a more vertical side wall in the tip/tail allowing the board to ride higher on the water with more glide speed.


4 fiberglass 1.0" fins

Additional Features

Created for the everyday boat and cable rider

Cable Speed Design  Most surface area and a sharper rail optimized for slower cable speeds


  • Ability Level:Intermediate-Advanced
  • Rocker Type:Three-Stage Hybrid
  • Base Type:Standard Base
  • Fins:4 Fiberglass 1.0" fins
  • Warranty:1 Year

The Ronix District Wakeboard has everything you need to slay it behind a boat or in the cable park. A versatile blended rocker line gives you the speed and smoothness of a continuous board when you're on edge and the pop of a 3-stage board when you're hitting the wake straight on. Ronix also molded in 4 flutes to aid in cable park exploits. If you want a board that conforms to your style instead of the other way around, the District is your board.


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