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Grenade  G.A.S  Ben  House  Gloves
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Grenade  G.A.S  Ben  House  Gloves


Are you tired of your ordinary, bland, old gloves? Gloves don''t have to be boring. You can get a great pair of gloves, that also look great. You just have to look a little bit. A great place to look for great looking gloves is the Grenade Artist Series Snowboard Gloves series. They are all amazing unique and detailed gloves. The graphics on the gloves will surely set you apart from the rest of the pack. Say good bye to those ordinary and boring gloves and get your hands in a pair of unique these grenade artist series gloves.

Key Features of the Grenade Artist Series Snowboard Gloves:
  • New extended cuff pipe glove
  • Grenade''s standard issue suede
  • Performance neoprene knuckel
  • Latter stretch body
  • Screened graphics

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