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1. What time does the bus depart in the morning?

There are several bus stops throughout the city. Please see page Schedule to confirm your departure time.

2.Are there any stops on the way up?

We do not make any stops on the way to Kalavrita Ski Resort. Our goal is to get to the mountain as early as possible to enjoy the most of our day.

3. What time do you leave the mountain?

Departure time is on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday at 16:00 and only on Friday at 15:30.

4.What time do we arrive in Patra?

We anticipate getting home around 18:00-18:10.Please note that there may be unforeseen delays due to traffic or weather conditions.

5. I am staying overnight at Kalavrita, can I use my round trip bus ticket to go up there one day and use the return portion to return next day?

No,you have to purchase a separate ticket. Round trip tickets are only good for same day use.

6. Can I stay overnight and come back the next day with you guys?

Absolutely!!! Please keep in mind that you have to book a bus ticket for both days as one way or round trip are the same prices and are only good for same day use. Don’t forget to double-check that we have a bus running to the mountain the day you want to return. Please send an email and inform our representative that you will be returning with us on a different day so our REP can:
  1. Not worry about you returning to the bus on the first day
  2. Give you any lift tickets or rentals the other days you are staying
  3. The bus rep knows to look for you at the bus return checking list on the date of which you will be returning.

7.Kalavrita ski resort? Never heard of it. Where it and what is it like?

Superb mountain!!! Please see the individual page Kalavrita Ski Center for more info.

8. What if I only need a one-way bus ticket up the mountain or from the mountain?

We can take care of that. The bus only rate is based on the value of the seat, so weather you only need a ride to the mountain or from the mountain, the cost for seat is still the same. Send us an email if you only need a ride from the mountain and we will inform our bus REP to reserve a seat for you on the bus that particular day. If you are taking a one-way trip up the mountain and will not be returning with us later in the evening, please inform our bus REP in the morning. This will save us the trouble of looking for you at the end of the day and possibly holding up the bus.

9.Is there an age restriction to get on the bus?

Yes. An adult over the age of 18 must accompany all riders under the age of 15. For riders between 15-17 years of age, we will need a signed waiver and identification from their parent or guardian. We reserve the right to turn away riders who fail to provide the appropriate documentation and the bus ticket will not be refunded.

10. How do I get my lift ticket?

We distribute lift tickets upon arrival at the ski resort within 5 minutes. Please note we cannot replace any lost lift ticket so make sure that it is fastened securely to your jacket and have taken a picture of the ticket with your phone, and keep any tear off portion of the ticket in a sealed pocket.

11. The bus sold out before i got a chance to buy a ticket. Can I show up at a bus stop and hope for the best?

Absolutely! Get to the bus stop on time and we will try our best to accommodate you. In person tickets are cash only.

12. What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours or more before your trip departure time in order to receive a full refund.
Cancellations made within 24 hours before your trip departure time will receive a refund minus the bus only portion of your purchase plus a 6€ processing fee per passenger.
Please note to cancel your booking you must call us at office: 2614018034 or cell: 6943842594 between the hours 9am-23pm sending an email or leaving a voice message does not remove accountability from you.

13. I missed the bus, what now?

Missing the bus: No part of your purchased tickets will be refunded for missing the bus.

Missing the bus is the same as cancelling. You will receive a refund minus the bus only portion (12€) of your purchase, plus a 7€ processing fee per passenger.

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