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West  Arvine  Snowboard
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Crafted with a directional shape, perfect for an all mountain rider. Equally effective on groomed slopes as deep powder, bullet proof ice or spring slush, this board is built to perform, from the peak to the parking lot. With two carbon stringers, « The Arvine » is a little bit stiffer than a standard women’s board. The payout for that stiffness is some serious stability at high speeds. A wood core made from a blend of ash, bamboo and paulownia absorbs vibrations to keep your riding smooth in variable conditions. In « The Arvine », we think we’ve found the perfect balance between high-end performance and fun.





premium elegance

Featuring the new woodcore ash- bamboo – paulownia; Our new model the Arvine is our Premium board for women.

Not only ultra light but also really pleasant to ride in every conditions, this board is a must have for women who shred with a smooth and elegant style.

The classy graphic design on wooden top sheet was unanimously well received.

“we think we’ve found the perfect balance between high-end performance and fun.”

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