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Option  Signature  Snowboard  160
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Option Signature
Signature Snowboard . The Option Signature Snowboard (“Sig”) is the staple of the Option line. The philosophy behind Signature Snowboard’s design inspires Option entire line with its simple, ingenious construction. The Signature all-mountain board is the choice for the true freerider looking for a reliable, durable, performance-enhancing board. The “Sig” is geared for the whole mountain. Signature Snowboard’s shape, offset stance and medium flex make it the go-everywhere stick in your quiver. The “Sig” is here to stay. Intermediate – Advanced, Advanced - Expert, Boot Size- 6.5 to 10.5

Product Details

Other Features

All Mountain Core Profile - This profile provides a great ride and feel for all types of terrain

Select Core - Featured in Option’s Pro-Models, Signature and Mirror. By targeting the lightest wood core laminations this weight selected, tip to tail wood core is engineered for an optimized strength to weight ratio. Uni-directional grain orientation ensures direct energy transmission for the experienced rider searching response and pop

AFT Powerail (Aramid Fiber Technology) - Developed by our design team to enhance edge hold, stability and durability. The AFT Powerail utilizes the tensile strength of Aramid, to further reinforce sidewall strength

Sintred UHMW Sidewall – UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) Sintered Polyethylene is utilized for impact resistance, this sidewall has been engineered to withstand cracking from direct impact

Carbon Teach Laminate - The same controlled composition as Carbon Tech II. This laminate boasts a healthy dose of Carbon Fiber and offers a forgiving yet powerful ride without compromising strength or durability Base - Stone ground sintered 4000


  • Terrain:All-Mountain, Freeride
  • Ability Level:Advanced-Expert
  • Core/Laminates:Wood

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